Strategy / CRM / Website / Content / Social


UpLyft™ is an amazing company that engineered a revolutionary medical device to help people with limited mobility get in and out of bed. When we first spoke with the team, they needed to raise capital and find investors to fund their first-round production run of 20 sales units. To accomplish this goal, the plan was to raise funds on the equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder. In order to achieve their crowdfunding goal (minimum of $50,000 and maximum of $1,070,000), we needed to build their online presence from the ground up, raise awareness about the social impact of the product, and prove the merits of the investment opportunity.


We began with a vision for UpLyft™’s branding that would position them in a friendly yet professional light. It was crucial that the brand colors, logo, and typography options felt uplifting and cheerful, fitting the product and supporting the mission behind it. We knew we needed to raise brand awareness on social media platforms and develop infrastructure to send traffic to the WeFunder page once it was live. It was also paramount that we craft high-quality video content to educate consumers and potential investors about UpLyft™ and why they should consider pre-ordering or making an investment in the company. Most of all, we needed a way to track and convert our leads to ensure we met our goals.


At the start of the campaign, we prioritized creating a sleek & responsive website that would serve as the cornerstone for demonstrating product demand, securing pre-orders, and generating new leads. Next, we launched social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Growing these audiences, making weekly posts, and running advertisements allowed us to drive traffic to the website and eventually to the WeFunder page. Our efforts to spread the word then evolved to include mass-email marketing campaigns to a database of approximately 15,000 recipients. In order to nurture their steadily growing audience, we implemented a full-stack CRM (Freshsales) and automated processes such as outreach to new leads and notifying salespeople of opportunities to simplify the funnel. We shot a professional crowdfunding video in a San Diego based production studio (Cypher Studios) and created two promotional videos to educate consumers and healthcare workers about why UpLyft™ was truly the future of at-home / patient care. Finally, we designed a series of presentation-style graphics that delivered the promise of UpLyft™ to potential investors, letting them in on the story that demonstrated positive social impact and how their investment would help improve peoples’ lives.

Ultimately, in our 6 month contract with UpLyft™, they raised $187,000 and secured 15 pre-order sales, allowing them to proceed with their first-round production run and become self-sustainable.