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When we met the team at The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), they were extremely dedicated but had limited resources. As a result, their branding was outdated — their colors, typography, and design choices all needed a facelift. They had a logo but it didn’t stand out, and none of their messaging successfully highlighted their status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. On top of all this, their company website was over a decade old. We knew there was a huge opportunity to re-establish their brand image and modernize their operations.


We wanted to update the company design, messaging, website, and all materials to reflect the times and highlight their achievements. We recommended they lean on their website to train new SOFA members and collect administrative information rather than following outdated procedures. There was lots of room to unify departmental processes and optimize their business workflow. They had also been granted a Salesforce license as a non-profit but needed help utilizing the CRM’s power in a meaningful way.


SOFA needed tons of membership materials, so we created 100+ templates to boost productivity. We also revamped their member training into an interactive onboarding program in their website account, turning a 29-video course that took 4 hours into a 5-video course that could be completed in 40 minutes with graded quizzes. This brought a level of legitimacy to the member training process and transformed SOFA’s website into an integral part of how they ran their business.

Ultimately, the organization was able to better utilize their employees so they could increase membership without hiring more, and their updated brand image & website led them to gain industry clout and forge new partnerships in the period following our assistance.