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Lolly has an amazing product but they came to us with a problem in articulating what their software actually does in their branding and messaging. Their app is designed to connect customers to brands through a set of algorithms that connect their two main audiences (businesses and consumers) and allow them to interact in new ways.


Lolly needed to be simplified in a major way. They came to us with five different website URLs (,,,, and very jumbled messaging. We knew that one of the main focal points needed to be consumer education, we had to get people to understand what their app was used for and why they should begin using it.


We took their 110-page whitepaper, redesigned it, and condensed it down to just 44 pages. We redesigned their website and their mobile app to be much more simplistic and guide the customer journey. We helped them tie everything into one website and transformed their messaging into something that was appropriate for both businesses and consumers to understand and get value from.

Ultimately, Lolly was able to join marketing for their B2B + B2C audiences and provide the information in a way that was easy to digest.