Strategy / CRM


Elite had been using Salesforce for a few years but knew they weren’t getting enough value out of the CRM. As a team, they were primarily interested in having dashboards built and creating several custom sales cycles, each with automation to support their key employees.


We worked closely with the Elite team so that we could understand their business and the terminology they used. Since they did not have the Enterprise edition of Salesforce, we prepped them to expect certain limitations inherent to the Professional license, but it was imperative to us that we leverage their license as much as possible and optimize to meet their needs.


We created multiple record types for their different products and defined a unique sales cycle for each, built over 20 reports, developed a dozen automation rules, and streamlined the user experience across objects.

Ultimately, employees at Elite were able to put several processes on auto-pilot and leadership was able to access interactive business insights with ease from reports and dashboards on their Salesforce homepage.