Website / Content


Descanso Beach Ocean Sports (DBOS) is an amazing company that gives guided kayak tours of the area surrounding Catalina Island in California. DBOS needed some help with their online presence and brand image — their old website design was antiquated, unimpressive, and lacked structure. When we took on the project of redesigning their site, we knew we wanted the laid back and fun vibe of the company to come through in the viewer’s first impression.


Since the business is located right next to a private beach bar where locals and tourists both go to hang out, we wanted to introduce a color scheme for the logo that would match with the blues from the sky and water. For the website we wanted to use high-quality ocean and kayak themed graphics to keep users engaged and make it look more professional.


Our new version of the DBOS website features clearly defined sections, a defined improved color scheme, and reflects the services that they offer in its appearance. We updated the logo to feature wavy typography and an image of a kayaker – now it’s clear what the company does at first glance.

Ultimately, after implementing our updated materials and suggestions, DBOS gives off a more professional and welcoming image to those researching what outdoor activities to enjoy when visiting Catalina Island.