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Advisor Fuel is a digital marketing agency for financial advisors. When we first got involved in helping grow their business, they had little infrastructure in place to support their business processes and grow their customer base. The owner was spending most of his time filling the role of salesperson while managing staff and operations simultaneously. The business was doing well, but it was at a crucial turning point in which they had an opportunity to go to the next level — that’s where we came in!


Beginning with one-hour weekly strategy calls, we identified some areas to focus on. To support the owner on his mission to scale the business, we knew we had to start by getting him off of the sales calls. Additionally, there was no system in place to make it easy for a prospect to book a demo presentation, and this was creating lots of unnecessary back and forth. The website needed to be redone and the product details were being enhanced frequently, so we needed to help them keep things simple as adjustments were being rolled out.


We started with their most obvious need — to protect the owner’s time so that he could focus on areas of the business where he could provide the most impact. We achieved this by building out a highly customized instance of Salesforce CRM to nurture leads, deliver product demo presentations, and close sales. Once the infrastructure was in place we hired a calling staff, trained them, and provided support to their ongoing needs. Throughout our relationship, we have created new services to roll out to their customers, produced animated videos, and transformed their brand image. We simplified their customer acquisition by digitizing the membership application and automating the onboarding process to be hands-off.

Ultimately, in a two year period, we helped them grow their monthly subscriber pool by 4x.