The Importance of Customer Service

A business is nothing without loyal customers, which is why one of the most important aspects of a business is customer service. Those who provide exceptional customer service seem to be able to weather various storms that come their way because they continue to attain their loyal customer base which keeps them afloat.

Exceptional customer service encompasses a variety of areas. While many businesses follow the creed that “the customer is always right,” they stop short of other best practices for customer service that would put them at the forefront of top businesses. What that looks like in practice is providing a customer experience that shows respect and equality for the customer.

That means treating the customer as a friend, offering them advice and assistance as you would your neighbor, instead of talking down to them like a pesky customer. It encompasses going out of your way to help them, being honest, and dealing with them in a manner that oozes integrity.

Why Customer Service is Important

Not only is customer service of the utmost importance for keeping customers, which means making a profit, but it is also important as a matter of business branding. Branding is essentially crafting who you are as a business, your values, your message, and the story that you want to tell to the world.

What that means is that the way you view and treat customers speaks volumes about what your business values and who you are. Word gets around quickly this day and age when customers are viewed in merely a monetary and disposable manner, as well as when customers are highly valued and respected as people.

Businesses that intentionally create a customer culture that is caring, compassionate, and understanding of the needs, wants, and concerns of consumers are building a brand that sends a positive message. While this may not rake in immediate profit, it does build customer loyalty. That leads to those loyal customers bringing in new ones, which in the long runs benefits the business far more than a quick profit would have.

Creating a customer-focused business culture benefits the business in a number of ways, including creating customer loyalty and retention, higher profits from existing customers, a reduction of business problems, and the creation of a visible and trustworthy brand identity.

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