How to Know When Your Nonprofit Website Needs a Redesign

Is your nonprofit’s website lacking community engagement? Do you find that your website does not speak to your story? Do you feel that your website is cluttered?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or know that your website is not the best fit for your organization, you might want to consider redesigning your website. We have compiled some reasons that you might consider website redesign for your nonprofit:

1) Low conversion rates
Maybe you have significant traffic to your nonprofit’s website, but your conversions are still low. Your stagnant conversion rates could be due to multiple factors; some of these may be slow landing page response times, lack of organization, or simply not the right type of engagement opportunities. In this case, you should consider redesigning your website with your audience persona in mind. What are their pain points when they navigate your website? How can you better accommodate their needs?

2) Changes in the market
Even the nonprofit market can change. Keep updated with your competitors’ websites. Have they rolled out new website features that have a high caliber of engagement? Consider adding to your website an interactive chat, increased options for content sharing, and other engagement-focused features. If you are consistently checking your data and the market, you can redesign your website ahead of market shifts.

3) Changes in your nonprofit’s branding
Maybe you have already considered the market and adjusted your nonprofit’s branding strategy to match what your target audience expects to see. However, if the way that you speak to your audience has changed, you will need to update your website’s content. Whether you choose to supply entirely new content for your website or restructure your existing content, your landing pages must all reflect your new branding voice.

4) No existing blog
Nonprofits are increasingly turning to blogs in their content strategy. New, quality content will increase your search engine rankings and give you an amazing opportunity to showcase your community’s stories. This personalized tool can therefore increase your audience’s motivation to support you. When you integrate a blog within your website, you can include different content types, such as videos, images, Q&As using pre-submitted questions, forms, and more.

These are all valid reasons that you might want to consider redesigning your nonprofit’s website. Overall, your commitment towards improving your website will help keep your nonprofit relevant to your community in the future.

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